Philips Luminous Textile Panels

Luminous Textile Panels integrate multi-colored LEDs seamlessly within beautiful fabric panels that also soften sound. A concept that gives you endless ways to play with color, movement, texture and light. So you can express emotions, add drama and bring spaces alive!

Loop Pendant

Unique tapered drum diffuser with open center. Optional outer metal shade for directed downlight. Fixures can be clustered together to create one large scale pendant.

Website: Ledalite

TruGroove offers the best possible combination of lighting control and brightness to create a balanced luminous environment with smooth, even gradients of light throughout the space.

ArchiPoint iColor Powercore

ArchiPoint iColor Powercore is a daylight-visible, exterior-rated LED point of light ideally suited for a range of direct-view and beacon applications, as well as for accent applications such as path and marker lighting.

Color Kinetics


Lucen - free light - the architectural ambient luminaire that gives you the freedom of a future-proof platform so your lighting can evolve with technology. Lucen's Convertible LED allows you to specify fluorescent or LED today, and convert to higher efficacies tomorrow.

Pinnacle Edge Evolution

Edge Evolution is the next generation in Pinnacle Lighting's Edge family. The products represent advancements in design and performance.