All Green Lighting
All Green Lighting manufactures LED and induction lighting systems.
Altman Lighting
Altman Lighting provides theatrical, architectural, film and video lighting.
Alumilite Inc
Website: Alumilite Inc
Alumilite manufactures exterior and interior fixtures for commercial and public architecture, streets and walkways.
Amico Lighting
Amico manufactures medical and architectural lighting for patient rooms, minor surgery rooms and the operating room.
ANP Lighting
Website: ANP Lighting
ANP Lighting manufactures LED, architectural and RLM lighting.
Arc Lighting Systems
ARC Lighting Systems is known for manufacturing environmentally sound light fixtures.
Website: Bejed
Bejed, Inc. manufactures optical fiber and copper distribution equipment.
Bock Lighting
Website: Bock Lighting
Bock Lighting designs and manufactures indoor and outdoor commercial and industrial lighting.
Camman Lighting
Camman Lighting manufactures pendants, interior and exterior sconces, and ceiling fixtures.
Contrast Lighting
Contrast Lighting manufactures halogen recessed lighting fixtures, flushmounths, pendants, decorative glass lamp shades, wall sconces and decorative lights.
Crucial Power Products
Crucial Power Products designs, engineers and manufactures central lighting inverters.
CSL Lighting
Website: CSL Lighting
CSL Lighting manufactures architectural lighting fixtures.
Douglas Lighting Controls
Douglas Lighting Controls produces centralized and decentralized digital lighting control systems for schools, offices, commercial buildings, campuses and sports complexes.
DuraGuard Products
DuraGuard Products is a manufacturer of commercial and industrial lighting fixtures as well as many other electrical products.
Eagle High Mast Lighting
Eagle High Mast Lighting manufactures custom high-mast lighting products.
Ember LED
Website: Ember LED
Ember LED manufactures LED and solar powered exterior lighting.
Everlast Lighting
EverLast Lighting manufactures commercial and industrial LED Lighting applications.
IOTA Engineering
Iota Engineering manufactures emergency lighting equipment, AC/DC power converters and fluorescent DC inverter ballasts.
Jefferson Lighting & Brass
Jefferson Lighting and Brass supplies specification-grade church, custom and architectural lighting.
LaMar LED Lighting
LaMar Lighting manufactures commercial, industrial and residential lighting.
LED Power
Website: LED Power
Prime manufactures of LED products.
Website: Leotek
Leotek manufactures LED lighting products for applications encompassing traffic and transit, street and area, petroleum, convenience, grocery and retail stores.
Light Louver Daylighting System
Light Louver Daylighting System manufactures energy-efficient lighting solutions for commercial and residential buildings by harvesting natural daylight.
Light Tape
Website: Light Tape
Light Tape provides versatile and energy efficient lighting solutions.
Lightway Industries
Lightway Industries offers a wide-range of lighting choices in energy-efficient fluorescent and HID.
Liton Lighting
Liton Lighting manufactures architectural, commercial and residential lighting applications.
Luminaire Lighting
Luminaire LED manufactures architectural vandal-resistant lighting.
Website: Luminis
Luminis designs indoor and outdoor architectural lighting.
Mobern Lighting
Mobern manufactures lighting solutions for state and federal facilities, including airports, sports stadiums, office buildings, hospitals and military bases.
MP Lighting
Website: MP-Lighting
MP Lighting specializes in manufacturing specification-grade architectural LED fixtures, as well as Low Voltage, Line Voltage, and Multi-Circuit Track Systems.
Mule Lighting
Website: Mule Lighting
Mule Lighting manufactures emergency lighting, emergency lighting products and exit signs.
NAFCO International
NAFCO International is a designer and manufacturer of aluminum, steel and fiberglass light poles and brackets.
Nemalux Lighting
Nemalux specializes in the design, development and manufacturing of LED luminaires.
New Star Lighting
New Star manufactures high-abuse and custom lighting fixtures that are engineered to meet the demands of today's harsh environments.
Noribachi Corporation
Noribachi Corporation manufactures industrial LED lighting.
Orion Energy Systems
Orion Energy Systems designs and manufactures energy-efficient LED lighting products and controls.
Peachtree Lighting
Peachtree Lighting manufactures architectural downlighting, cylinders, wall sconces and sanctuary/church lighting.
Peerless Electric
Peerless Electric manufactures lighting fixtures for commercial, industrial, institutional and medical fields.
Philips Advance
Philips Advance manufactures ballasts.
Philips Chloride
Philips Chloride manufactures life safety products including exit signs, emergency lighting, solid state lighting, ballasts, AC systems and accessories.
Philips Color Kinetics
Philips Color Kinetics manufactures LED lighting as a highly efficient, long lasting and environmentally friendly source of light.
Philips Day-Brite
Philips Day-Brite manufactures commercial and industrial LED, fluorescent and HID fixtures.
Philips Gardco
Philips Gardco manufactures site lighting, flood lighting, bollards and parking garage lighting.
Philips Hadco
Website: Philips Hadco
Philips Hadco manufactures a wide-range of fixtures varying in size and style.
Philips Lamps
Website: Philips Lamps
Philips Lamps manufactures LED, CFL, fluorescent and HID lamps.
Philips Lighting Controls
Philips Lighting Controls delivers energy-efficient lighting controls technology for indoor, outdoor, commercial, architectural and entertainment applications.
Philips Lightolier
Philips Lightolier manufactures commercial and architectural LED, fluorescent solutions and controls.
Philips Lumec
Website: Philips Lumec
Philips Lumec manufactures outdoor luminaires, bollards lights, light columns, poles, brackets and wall sconces for public and commercial landscapes.
Philips Optimum
Philips Optimum manufactures LED and fluorescent lighting solutions for commercial and industrial customers.
Philips Stonco
Philips Stonco manufactures LED, HID and fluorescent exterior lighting products.
Philips Strand Lighting
Philips Strand Lighting manufactures luminaires, dimming equipment, control systems and software.
Precision Architectural Lighting
Precision Architectural Lighting manufactures linear LED and fluorescent lighting fixtures.
Rebelle Architectural Lighting
Rebelle Architectural Lighting designs luminaires to ease the coordination and specification of lighting by providing families of luminaires that flow from the exterior to the interior of a building project.
RGB Lights
Website: RGB Lights
RGB Lights is a Color Kinetics certified, value-added partner.
Sea Gull Lighting
Sea Gull Lighting manufactures more than 3,500 lights and ceiling fans for indoor and outdoor home lighting applications.
Signal Tech
Website: Signal Tech
Signal Tech manufactures LED signs, height clearance bars, and post and panel signs.
Solar Path
Solar Path manufactures solar powered lighting and marking devices.
Website: SolarOne
SolarOne manufactures commercial-grade solar lighting systems.
SPJ Lighting
Website: SPJ Lighting
SPJ Lighting provides copper and brass landscape lighting.
Tegan Lighting
Tegan Lighting manufactures LED pendants, trac and linear lighting.
Tube Lighting Products
Tube Lighting Products provides tube lighting, LED tread lighting, display lighting and more.
Visual Lighting Technologies
Visual Lighting Technologies manufactures LED and fiber optic lighting.
Voigt Lighting
Voigt Lighting manufactures commercial, residential, indoor, outdoor and decorative LED lighting.
WAC Lighting
Website: WAC Lighting
WAC Lighting manufactures decorative and task lighting.
We-ef Lighting
We-ef Lighting manufactures architectural lighting.
Website: Zaneen
Zaneen Architectural, Zaneen Design, and Zaneen Exterior are three separate entities that comprise the Zaneen brand. They manufacture European lighting solutions for indoor architectural, modern and contemporary design, and landscape applications.